Crate Keys | KitPVP

Crate Keys can be used on our KitPVP server to open crates with prizes inside them. We currently now offer two different crate options on KitPVP which are 'Vote' and 'Common'. Vote Crate Keys can be obtained by voting for the server but have slightly fewer OP items to the Common Crate which can only be obtained by purchasing a key below at the moment.

Crate Keys are virtual items and upon purchasing one, it will be added to your account virtually with an accompanying message to notify you. To open the crate, simply click on the corresponding crate at '/spawn' or run the command '/crates'.

1x Common Crate Key 1.00 0.25 GBP
Payment Goal


Recent Payments

1x 1x Common Crate Key

1x x3 Common Crate Key

1x Ultra Rank (Luffty)

1x x1 Common Crate Key (AlexReynolds)