Crate Keys are used on our Skyblock server to open crates that give you prizes. We now offer 4 different Crates on the server which are 'Vote', 'Common', 'Legendary' and our new 'Spawners' Crate! Each Crate offers slightly different prizes so before purchasing a crate key, compare each crate either through our website or left-clicking on the crates in-game at spawn.

x1 Common Crate Key 0.79 GBP
x3 Common Crate Keys 1.99 GBP
x10 Common Crate Keys 4.99 GBP
x1 Legendary Crate Key 1.49 GBP
x3 Legendary Crate Keys 3.99 GBP
x10 Legendary Crate Keys 9.99 GBP
x1 Spawners Crate Key 1.99 GBP
x3 Spawners Crate Key 4.99 GBP
x10 Spawners Crate Key 12.99 GBP
Payment Goal


Recent Payments

1x 1x Common Crate Key

1x x3 Common Crate Key

1x Ultra Rank (Luffty)

1x x1 Common Crate Key (AlexReynolds)